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If you came to Las Vegas seeking a thrilling escape from the norm, Sky Combat Ace Tours offers personal fighter pilot experiences for every level of gumption. Feel what it’s like to pull up to 8Gs inside the cockpit of an Extra 330LC aircraft, while a trained pilot flies you around the skies over the Las Vegas desert. Or take the controls yourself, and not only fly the plane but handle aerobatic maneuvers like a real fighter pilot. Your family and friends can even spectate your incredible flight from the skies in one of Sky Combat Ace’s non-aerobatic aircrafts. If actually flying is too extreme, try the closest alternative, the Ace Simulator, for a taste of flight.

Pick your favorite adventure from these GREAT options below:

#1 – The Afterburner
There’s not a roller coaster in the world that can match the exhilaration of flying in the Extra 330LC fighter plane. With basic aerobatic drills like rolls, loops, stalls, and hammerheads on the itinerary, The Afterburner’s 25-minute flying session puts you in the seat of an air show pilot. But the excitement doesn’t end there, catch your breath and be ready for the advanced training exercises that include spins, snap rolls, and tumbling.

#2 – Top Gun Experience
This Sky Combat Ace experience is almost twice as long as The Afterburner. But that’s not all, you won’t only feel what it’s like to be a pilot; you will actually fly the plane! Under the direction of a skilled pilot, take the wheel and try out flight maneuvers and aerobatic exercises, no flight experience necessary. The pilot has the same set of flight controls and will train and guide you on your 45-minute joy ride. He’ll also treat you to a fantastic dynamic low level fly through the red Las Vegas mountains. Top Gun puts the thrill of flight in your hands for an experience of a lifetime.

#3 – The Spectator
Now, friends coming along for the journey can suit up and fly beside your aerobatic adventure from a safe vantage point. Watch your buddies on The Afterburner or Top Gun runs from the skies on one of the non-aerobatic aircrafts for a tamed yet interesting flight.

#4 – Ace Simulator
If you’d rather stay on the ground, but still want to learn about flight training, the Redbird Simulator replicates an authentic flight experience. With a 50 degree pitch, 40 degree roll, and 50 degree yaw movement, the simulator mimics real aviation and has a database of scenic aerial sites from the Las Vegas Strip to the Sydney Opera House.

Why Sky Combat Ace Tours?
A Sky Combat Ace tour encompasses more than just a flying session; it’s a chance to become a pilot for a few hours. The flying tours offer complimentary transportation, an aerobatic briefing, and access to the Sky Combat Ace Heritage Museum. You’ll get to suit up in a flight suit and sport head gear like genuine pilots. It’s the most fun you’ll have in Las Vegas, perfect for any adventurer.

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