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Visit the Las Vegas Speedway and experience Exotics Racing in Las Vegas!

Exotics Racing
C105 6925 Speedway Boulevard
Las Vegas, NV 89115

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Come visit the Las Vegas Speedway, not far off of the Las Vegas Strip, and ride in some of the classiest and most powerful sports cars on the planet. Prior to climbing behind the wheel of the car of your choice, each guest will have one-on-one training with a professional driving instructor to ensure that everyone gets the very most out of their driving experience. You’ll be given extensive specs on each of the many luxurious sports cars available, the better to help you make your choice.

Car enthusiasts and aficionados will be able to choose from such luxury vehicles as Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Aston Martins, Porsches and Audis. Take the stylish and powerful Ferrari F430 for five laps around the indoor track — push the pedal to the metal to really see what it can do. Or if a Porsche is more your style, get behind the wheel of a Cayman — Porsche’s smallest and lightest sports car — just to see how it handles. Perhaps you’re more of a Mercedes person, and if so, you can jump into a Mercedes SLS, the first Mercedes designed in-house by AMG. Or if you want a car that has a powerful pickup, give an Audi R8V10 a spin, a car that combines staggering speeds with stunning manageability.

Ride-alongs are also provided the high-performance Corvette. Booking your ticket to the Exotics Racing through ShowTixLasVegas.com ensures that you are getting the very best price available. So don’t wait to reserve your spot for a thrilling and sophisticated experience at the Exotics raceway.

Why Exotics Racing?
ShowTixLasVegas.com prides itself on finding you only the most unique adventures and with the perfect marriage of speed and style, Exotics Racing is the best exotics driving experience in Vegas. Slip inside the car of your dreams and take it for a spin.

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