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Experience the Mini Baja Quickie by Sun Buggy Fun Rentals in Las Vegas!

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You won’t need any roads for this Las Vegas excursion. SunBuggy Fun Rentals offers extreme off-road experiences to fully charge any thrill seekers. The Mini Baja Quickie is a shot of adrenaline, as you maneuver a custom-built dune buggy through the 15,000 acres of desert terrain at speeds up to 50 MPH.

The Dune Buggy Experience
Take the wheel of a desert racer and zoom past rocks, cliffs, bump, and give your buggy some strife, as you try to chase down the expert driver down the dunes of Las Vegas for 10 minutes of intense off-road play. Prepared with a safety lesson, a helmet, gloves, goggles, a full roll cage, and a four point harness, you could try to roll the buggy or flip it upside down. It’s been custom designed at SunBuggy to take whatever punishment you want to give it. The buggy might be in trouble, but you won’t get hurt.

Why Mini Baja Quickie?
As the closest near death experience near the Las Vegas Strip, this is definitely the Best of Vegas for adrenaline junkies. The 10 minute run is just enough time to rush your senses. The off-road ? scale desert racers have a low center of gravity (more so than ATVs), so you slide easier on the desert sands. You never lose stirring because there are no front brakes. SunBuggy has an impressive safety record because they’ve engineered their vehicle to withstand a beating, while you’ll remain secure. So live on the edge or take your joy ride easy, it’ your choice. One this is for sure, you won’t feel another rush quite like this in Las Vegas.

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